Aiming to become one of the first IT vendors to bring memristor processor technology to market, Knowm today revealed that it is building a neuromemristive processor that learns and adapts to how data streams actually behave.

After more than 13 years of development, the primary goal is to eliminate any distinction between processors and memory, Knowm CEO Alex Nugent said. In its place, memristors provide a form of non-volatile memory that combines both functions in a single processor.

Knowm is still quite a way from building the actual neuromemristive processor. But it is releasing a Knowm Developer Program under which developers can start to build applications on processors capable of emulating how a neuromemristive processor will operate.

Read the entire article directly on ProgrammableWeb website at:

Knowm Wants to Meld Memory and CPU Onto Single Chip
Data Center Knowledge
Michael Vizard

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge

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