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What is Knowm?

By looking at nature and thermodynamics, we were able to develop a new computational framework, fundamentally different from von Neumann architecture (regular ol’ digital computers) and quantum computers, called AHaH Computing (Anti-Hebbian and Hebbian), which aims to reduce the size and power consumption of intelligent machine learning applications by up to 9 orders of magnitude. The fundamental building block of AHaH Computing is not a transistor nor a q-bit, but a differential pair of memristors, we call a Thermodynamic-synapse or kT-synapse for short. The computers of the future will be made of kT-synapses and we’re already seeing it being developed all over the place from university labs to the R&D departments of giant tech companies.

Interested in the gory details? Check out our 2014 PLOS paper titled AHaH Computing–From Metastable Switches to Attractors to Machine Learning.

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