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Are you interested in artificial intelligence and building brains or other electric circuits with memristors? Do you want to learn about the future of intelligent machine technology? Read about our technology, check out our blog, get your hands on some memristors and try our Memristor Discovery board, which lets you run your own experiments on memristors and memristor circuits. Read about the kT-RAM Technology Stack, a specification for differential-pair memristor synaptic processors that goes from memristors to distributed machine learning applications.

As of September 2020, we’ve successfully produced memristor crossbars with resistance programming capabilities. The soon-to-arrive kT-RAM server allows for cloud access to memristor arrays, ideal for researchers and developers interested in developing memristor-based algorithms.

Knowm Logo in 16x16 Memristor Crossbar.

Knowm Logo in 16×16 Memristor Crossbar. Black(400kΩ) to Green(100kΩ)

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