Knowm, a startup specializing in new types of advanced computing architectures and technology, has announced the launch of a brand new platform that allows developers to build intelligent applications powered by Thermodynamic-RAM (kT-RAM) and AHaH technology. The brand new Knowm platform features the Knowm API, a special machine learning library that can be used to build applications featuring real-time data monitoring, pattern recognition, anomaly detection, temporal prediction, and more.

The Knowm platform utilizes two key technologies: kT-RAM and AHaH. kT-RAM is a new type of physical neural processing unit (NPU) that is memristor-based and allows for the implementation of AHaH computing. kT-RAM provides a general-purpose architecture in which power consumption is drastically reduced and can be integrated with existing digital platforms, enabling fast, low-power, machine-learning capabilities.

Read the entire article directly on ProgrammableWeb website at:

* ProgrammableWeb*
Janet Wagner

Programmable Web

Programmable Web

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