Knowm Inc., a start-up pioneering next-generation advanced computing architectures and technology, today announced the commercial availability of the first products in support of the Thermodynamic RAM technology stack, also announced today. Providing a complete hardware-software stack from memristors to Thermodynamic RAM chip designs to hardware emulators to applications, Knowm is announcing the sale of discrete memristor chips, a Back End of Line (BEOL) CMOS+memristor service, the SENSE and Application Servers and their first app named “Knowm Anomaly”. In addition, Knowm has simultaneously announced the company’s visionary developer program for interested organizations and individual developers. This includes the Knowm API, development hardware and training as resources for co-developing the Knowm technology stack

Modern computing architectures are based on the separation of memory and processing. This creates a problem called the ‘von Neumann Bottleneck’ that places a restrictive limit on the data bandwidth between memory and processor and introduces large inefficiencies as energy is expended in memory-processing communication. Developed by Knowm, the AHaH Computing architecture seeks to eliminate the duality of memory and processing enabling a new type of “soft-hardware” that self-repairs and learns from interactions with the environment, resulting in power and efficiency gains.

Designed to bring AHaH Computing to market, Knowm’s new SENSE and Application Servers leverage memristors and Thermodynamic RAM (kT-RAM) emulation to significantly improve application performance while reducing overall power consumption. The SENSE Server also comes pre-installed with Knowm Anomaly, the first application built based on the AHaH Computing architecture. Initially targeted at IT security implementations, Knowm Anomaly offers statistical distribution and temporal pattern anomaly detection, acting as a real-time data monitoring assistant that provides alerts when a pattern changes within the network. In addition to these commercially available products, Knowm is promoting the proliferation of AHaH Computing through availability of the Knowm API; by offering discrete memristors to developers, researchers and students for testing and development work; and by offering BEOL memristor services to companies and researchers interested in integrating memristors onto their semiconductor wafers or die.

“Knowm Inc. is pioneering a brilliant new form of computing that leverages the adaptive ‘learning’ properties of memristive technology to not only persist data in fast memory, but to inherently – and in one operation – calculate serious compute functions that would otherwise require the stored data to be offloaded into CPU’s, processed, and written back,” said Mike Matchett, senior analyst and consultant, Taneja Group. “This approach that intelligently harnesses analog hardware functions for extremely fast, cheap, dense and memory-inherent computing could represent a truly significant change and turning point for the whole computing industry.”

The Knowm Developer Program was created to encourage developers to leverage the advances already made by Knowm to make advancements in the form of new applications based on AHaH Computing. This program grants developers with access to all source code for the Knowm API, SENSE and Application Servers, and other tools, while promoting a vibrant community aimed at reducing duplication of effort, improving modularity, and ultimately maximizing and optimizing output for utility. Contributions made by developers will be tracked via GIT commits and all projects or modules are awarded with royalties following successful contribution to applications that make it to market. Additionally, members of the developer program will have the option to purchase Knowm products at a discount.

“The availability of these commercial products will provide organizations and developers alike with the ability to immediately reimagine what is truly possible today and enable them to overcome the challenges previously presented by Moore’s Law’s limitations,” said Alex Nugent, CEO and co-founder of Knowm. “We’ve spent the last 13 years researching and developing advanced computing technologies and believe that through AHaH Computing, these new products and collaboration with software developers, organizations will be able to enable a new breed of advanced computing applications.”

Knowm will attend SEMICON West in San Francisco July 14 – 16 and will showcase their SENSE and Application Servers at booth 2351. For media or analysts interested in meeting with Knowm at SEMICON West, please contact

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About Knowm Inc.

Knowm believes nature is the highest form of technology and has used that belief to solve a fundamental problem inherent in modern computing architectures when applied to machine learning. The company has taken the best of machine learning and quantum computing to define a new form of computing – AHaH Computing. Knowm is ushering in the next generation of physically adaptive computing hardware with the industry’s first general purpose neuromemristive processor specification and development platform, Thermodynamic RAM (kT-RAM), and the availability of discrete memristors, Back End of Line (BEOL) Memristor services, the SENSE and Application Servers, and the Knowm API and Knowm Anomaly. For more information about Knowm, please visit

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Knowm Inc. Unveils First Commercial Products in Support of the Thermodynamic RAM Technology Stack

Inventor of AHaH Computing Ushers in New Physically Adaptive Hardware, Network Security Application, and Developer Program and API

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