Knowm Collaborates with Kris Campbell at BSU

My journey with Knowm and AHaH Computing started over a decade ago as a Physics major taking a break from studying for a quantum mechanics test. I got up and wandered the college library, pacing back and forth through the many shelves of books. A book caught my eye, and from that moment on I was determined to find a path to physical learning processors. It was a difficult and exciting journey, and it has now been more than a decade. A critical piece of the puzzle was the development of a new type of variable resistive electronic device we now call a memristor, capable of being fabricated on top of CMOS electronic chips, a process called Back End of Line or BEOL. Not being able to fabricate the device myself, I set down a path of understanding how I could use it. Little did I know that Dr. Kris Campbell was just a few hours drive to the southeast, just over the mountains at Boise State University, hard at work developing and perfecting a BEOL memristor. Through my work with Air Force Research Labs, Dr. Campbell and I were introduced and this sparked a new wave of exciting innovation. We have now been working together for over a year and are pleased to announce that we have fabricated three new memristor types with ideal AHaH Computing properties. The future is looking very exciting!

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