IBM, Intel, HP, Samsung and every big forward-looking semiconductor design organization knows that emulating the functions of the brain may be the only way forward when we finally get to atomic-level chip designs, sparking an exponential growth in the study of memristors.

Memristors are the only known component today that can emulate the brain–which performs better than the fastest supercomputer while consuming only 20 watts. Today’s supercomputers can simulate–as opposed to emulate–the brain, but consume thousands of watts and cost millions of dollars. To satisfy the appetite for doing real brain emulations, Knowm Inc. (Santa Fe, N.M.) today announced its portfolio has expanded to three different types of memristors, along a new high-density die-only option and all the raw data you need to perform your characterizations.

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Memristor Computer Emulates Brain Functions
EE Times
R. Colin Johnson

EE Times

EE Times

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