“Modern methods of computing won’t get us to the levels we need.”

That simple statement from Alex Nugent, the CEO of computing startup Knowm, serves as a mission statement driving their goal – to develop a new hardware paradigm to boost machine learning performance in the era of big data.

One of those problems faced in the industry right now is that computers simply aren’t fast enough to meet people’s data crunching needs. Moore’s Law, that reliable driver of the current computer revolution, is slowing down – and there may even be an end to it in sight. That spells trouble for machine learning applications that need to process a lot of data.


Read the entire article directly on Forbes website at: <http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2015/09/09/this-startup-has-a-brain-inspired-chip-for-machine-learning/

This Startup Has A Brain-Inspired Chip For Machine Learning
Alex Knapp



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