This is a video series titled: “AHaH Computing in a Nutshell”, which can be found on our Vimeo channel or on our YouTube channel.

For more educational resources covering everything about AHaH Computing, memristors and Thermodynamic RAM, please check out the page: Knowm Educational Resources.

What is a Memristor?

Knowm Memristor Conventions

What is AHaH Computing?

What is an AHaH Node?

Why AHaH Computing?

Why is AHaH Computing Efficient?

The Adaptive Power Problem

The Adaptive Power Solution

AHaH Computing Lecture at RIT

Still Confused?

We do our best to explain what we are doing so that many people from many different backgrounds can understand. If you have questions or seek clarification, please ask us. Visit our FAQ page first, then check out our Reddit forum for general questions and discussions or contact us directly for more technical questions.

Alex Nugent

Alex Nugent is the CEO of Knowm Inc. He is an inventor and entrepreneur at the crossroads of natural self-organization, neuromemristive electronics and machine learning. He is an optimist and a problem solver and believes that Nature is the highest form of technology. He lives by the motto that "the best way to predict the future is to invent it."

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    • Reiner Wilhelms-Tricarico

      Very interesting and fascinating stuff. I stumbled on this on YouTube and then went through most of your presentations on the site. You mentioned some publications that further describe the principles of you technology but didn’t take a note and can’t find it. . I’m mainly interested in the math behind all this , e.g. Why a network with the shown memristors can do rapid entropy maximisation. Also, what I could not understand at all was the description of operation codes like FF RU etc that you described in the presentation in front of an audience of engineering students. So if I could get some links to published articles, or better the articles themselves (arXIv?), that would be great.
      Thank you

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