apache_tomcatHere’s another nano-blog that will hopefully help someone solve a Tomcat error that I was dealing with today:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.apache.catalina.deploy.WebXml addServlet

The problem was that I was deploying catalina.jar within my .war file. Once I fixed up my build file to not include the catalina.jar file in the .war file, the error went away.

A Plethora of Sample Java Webapps that Run in Tomcat

Hello Web Apps (see the Hello* repos) is a collection of fully-functional example J2EE/JEE web applications that each demonstrate a specific concept or technology related to Java, J2EE/JEE, Servlets, JSPs, and/or several open source Java libraries. Building off of the simplest barebones HelloWebApp, each example web application can be downloaded and deployed to a web container running on your local machine. Concepts demonstrated include: integrating CSS, Javascript, a favicon, HTML image, AJAX, reverse AJAX, XChart charts, Flot Javascript charts, Quartz scheduler, and Sundial scheduler.

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