We have grown to full capacity, and need people like you to be a part of this exciting new technology.

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Knowm Inc. is a bottom-up organization. We started with nothing more than a big idea, a great deal of motivation and the courage to forge a new path. Over the last decade we have boot-strapped our way from the bottom to the leader in neuromemristive technology. We have had to cross such a large swath of the technology stack to find a solution that we are acutely aware of a simple truth: nothing big can be accomplished alone. Good ideas come from places, people or situations you would not expect. Neuromemristive technology opens the gates to a new era in computing with new rules. We have only explored a fraction of a percent of what is possible, and we need your help to explore the rest. If you are excited about Knowm and AHaH Computing, we want to work with you. Enthusiasm is a very powerful force when coupled to a team and the right tools. We have created the Knowm Development Community (KDC) as an experiment in collaborative cognitive computing. We are seeking technical experts, application developers, machine learning experts, students, artists, thinkers, philosophers and more. Would you like to be a part of this exciting new technology? We would love to work with you.