Read about the motivations behind the KDC!

This article covers the guidelines and rules we are working on creating for the KDC. If you want to take a look at the philosophical reasoning and motivation for developing a collaborative cognitive computing framework go to: Collaborative Cognitive Computing

Knowm Development Community (KDC)

The Knowm Development Community (KDC) is an international group of individuals working together to advance intelligent machine technology via Knowm’s technology stack. Emphasis on Knowm’s neuromemristive co-processors provides a mechanism to overcome the limitations of digital computing systems and achieve biological-scale or better efficiency. The concept is simple: KDC members add value to Knowm Inc. and are compensated with Knowm Inc. stock options and/or cash bounties. Once accepted into the KDC, members will be trained via tutorials and videos and tested on their understanding. Afterwards, we will work with you to define an appropriate project.

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KDC Membership Privileges

  1. Open-source access to Knowm development tools, application, projects, reference files, videos, wiki resources etc.
  2. Access to online KDC Member Tutorials (see KDC Member Tutorials)
  3. Opportunity to earn development contracts (bounties) payable in cash and stock options.
  4. Opportunity to compete to improve Knowm technology (for cash and stock options).
  5. 10% discount on all Knowm Inc. products and services.
  6. First consideration for Knowm Inc. new-hires.

How to Join

  1. Fill out the application below.
  2. If approved, you will be asked to sign, notarize, and return our KDC Contributor agreement, which contains Non-Disclosure and Intellectual Property provisions.


  1. Knowm Inc. retains all copyrights and IP on all contributions. You get rewarded in company stock options and cash and have early access to Knowm technology.
  2. If you wish to commercialize KDC technology you must obtain a license.

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