Shipping Out Policy

All deliveries will be made on weekdays (Mon-Fri). We currently do not offer Saturday or Sunday delivery.

Excluded Countries

Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria (laws)

International Orders & Shipments

International orders are subject to destination country’s import duties and taxes which may have to be collected on delivery. These fees are the responsibility of the customer, not Knowm Inc. Be advised, refusal to pay these fees will result in your package being abandon and will not be refunded by Knowm Inc. Customs authorities require that we state the value of your order directly on your package – the value is the retail cost. Knowm Inc. cannot legally mark any package(s) as a “Gift” in order to avoid customs and duties fees.

European VAT

We currently ship to most European customers under the VAT threshold exemptions, which vary by country. See thresholds. We reserve the right to cancel orders to a country that maintain a zero VAT threshold.

Knowm Inc. reserves the right to change the shipping cost of orders prior to shipment in order to reflect any changes due to system errors, miscalculated weights, changes in address or any other situation that may arise. Customers will be contacted in the event a shipping cost has to be changed and will be given the option to accept the cost or cancel the order to receive a full refund.

Please note that on rare occasions, customs agents may delay the delivery of some packages at their discretion.


In the VAT/Tax ID field for Recipient (Ship TO) Address, one of the following is required and will be submitted for customs clearance:
If a Private Individual/Foreigner Address:

Preferred: 13 digit code with Personal Customs Clearance Code (PCCC), example: P123456789012
Alternative: 8 digit birth date using format YYYYMMDD, example: 19901231

If a Company Address:

10 digit VAT number

IMPORTANT: Do not enter a Korean registration number (civil registration number), which is personal data strictly prohibited for collection by Korean privacy law.

It is recommended that the Recipient’s Tax ID is also provided on the relevant sections in customs invoice. This is in accordance with Customs regulation (Notification for express clearance, appendix 3) issued by Korean Customs Service, effective July 1, 2018.

DHL Shipping

We recommend DHL for foreign shipments. To receive a DHL shipping quote please enter your full shipping address in the ‘shipping estimate’ section of your shopping cart before final check-out.

United States Postal Service International Shipping

International Importation Taxes, duties, fees, etc: When receiving an international shipment, your country may charge you for duties and importation taxes which USPS will collect upon delivery. YOU are responsible for paying these fees. To find out if your country charges these fees and what they might be, contact your local shipping agencies. Refusal to pay these fees will result in your package being abandoned by USPS and your money WILL NOT be refunded by Knowm Inc. You are abandoning your own property in customs by refusing to pay importation taxes, duties, fees, etc.

USPS deliveries often take 2-4 weeks to arrive and sometimes longer. Knowm Inc. is not responsible for delays in USPS delivery times. We recommend using DHL for shipments outside the US.

PLEASE NOTE: USPS only guarantees shipment to your Country’s customs. After that point it is up to your local carrier to delivery your package. Knowm Inc. will not be held liable for packages lost after USPS delivers to your Country’s customs.

Lost Packages

Unfortunately sometimes packages go missing, if you believe your package has been lost by the selected carrier please contact us immediately via email: to begin to resolve the issue. In the event that your package has been lost by the carrier Knowm Inc. will file claim with said carrier and begin a trace to see if the package can be found (the trace can last anywhere from 8-60 days depending on circumstances). Once the process is complete and the carrier has confirmed the package is in fact lost we can send a replacement package or issue a refund for the order.

Please Note: Knowm Inc. will not send out a replacement package or issue a refund until the package is confirmed lost by the carrier. We understand certain circumstances will warrant having another order shipped out before the trace process is complete, in these cases we can take (or the customer can place) another order with us to be shipped out immediately. Once the trace comes back from the carrier at fault, and if the package is deemed lost we will then refund the original order in its entirety.