Lightweight Job Scheduling Framework for Java

Sundial is a lightweight Java job scheduling framework forked from Quartz ( stripped down to the bare essentials. Sundial also hides the nitty-gritty configuration details of Quartz, reducing the time needed to get a simple RAM job scheduler up and running. Sundial uses a ThreadLocal wrapper for each job containing a HashMap for job key-value pairs. Convenience methods allow easy access to these parameters. JobActions are reusable components that also have access to the context parameters. If you are looking for a hassle-free 100% Java job scheduling framework that is easy to integrate into your applications, look no further.

Usage is very simple: Simply define jobs, define triggers, and start the Sundial scheduler.


  • Apache 2.0 license
  • Depends only on slf4j
  • ~150KB Jar
  • In-memory multi-threaded jobs
  • Define jobs and triggers in jobs.xml
  • or define jobs and triggers via annotations
  • or define jobs and triggers programmatically
  • Cron Triggers
  • Simple Triggers
  • Java 6 and up

What’s Next?

Now go ahead and study some examples, download the thing and provide feedback.


Simplicity prioritized over everything else so you can quickly create and schedule jobs and move on.


Use in all your Java applications requiring scheduled jobs.


Apache 2.0 open source license means you can use it worry-free in your personal and commercial projects.