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SDC Tungsten Discrete Memristors

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Eight (8) discrete Self-Directed-Channel memristors with tungsten (W) dopant in a 16-pin ceramic DIP package.



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For more in-depth information about the device properties and precaution to take while working with the memristors download the Knowm Memristors Data Sheet.

Eight (8) discrete Self-Directed-Channel memristors with tungsten (W) dopant in a 16-pin ceramic DIP package.

Knowm memristor material stack

Knowm memristor material stack

This material stack is based on mobile metal ion conduction through a chalcogenide material. The devices are fabricated with a layer of metal that is easily oxidizable, located near one electrode. When a voltage is applied across the device with the more positive potential on the electrode near this metal layer, the metal is oxidized to form ions. Once formed, the ions move through the device towards the lower potential electrode. The ions move through a layer of amorphous chalcogenide material (the active layer) to reach the lower potential electrode where they are reduced to their metallic form and eventually form a conductive pathway between both electrodes that spans the active material layer, lowering the device resistance. Reversing the direction of the applied potential causes the conductive channel to dissolve and the device resistance to increase. The device is bipolar, cycling between high and low resistance values by switching the polarity of the applied potential. The resistance is related at any time to the amount of metal located within the active layer.

8 Discrete Memristor 16DIP Chip Pinout

8 Discrete Memristor 16DIP Chip Pinout

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The BS-AF-W Memristor is not a complete product. It is intended solely for use for preliminary feasibility evaluation in laboratory/development environments by technically qualified electronics experts who are familiar with the dangers and application risks associated with handling electrical mechanical components, systems and subsystems. It should not be used as all or part of a finished end product. If you are pursing a commercial use or application, please contact us.

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