Class CoinbaseProStreamingTradeService

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      • getOrderChanges

        public io.reactivex.Observable<Order> getOrderChanges​(CurrencyPair currencyPair,
                                                              Object... args)
        Warning: the order change stream is not yet fully implemented for Coinbase Pro. Orders are not fully populated, containing only the values changed since the last update. Other values will be null.
        Specified by:
        getOrderChanges in interface StreamingTradeService
        currencyPair - Currency pair of the order changes.
        Observable that emits Order when exchange sends the update.
      • getRawWebSocketTransactions

        public io.reactivex.Observable<CoinbaseProWebSocketTransaction> getRawWebSocketTransactions​(CurrencyPair currencyPair,
                                                                                                    boolean filterChannelName)
        Web socket transactions related to the specified currency, in their raw format.
        currencyPair - The currency pair.
        The stream.