Class UserTrade

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HitbtcUserTrade, KrakenUserTrade, RippleUserTrade

public class UserTrade
extends Trade
Data object representing a user trade
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    • UserTrade

      public UserTrade​(Order.OrderType type, BigDecimal originalAmount, Instrument instrument, BigDecimal price, Date timestamp, String id, String orderId, BigDecimal feeAmount, Currency feeCurrency, String orderUserReference)
      This constructor is called to construct user's trade objects (in TradeService.getTradeHistory(TradeHistoryParams) implementations).
      type - The trade type (BID side or ASK side)
      originalAmount - The depth of this trade
      instrument - The exchange identifier (e.g. "BTC/USD")
      price - The price (either the bid or the ask)
      timestamp - The timestamp of the trade
      id - The id of the trade
      orderId - The id of the order responsible for execution of this trade
      feeAmount - The fee that was charged by the exchange for this trade
      feeCurrency - The symbol of the currency in which the fee was charged
      orderUserReference - The id that the user has insert to the trade
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