Class GateioUserTrade

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public class GateioUserTrade extends UserTrade
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      public GateioUserTrade(Order.OrderType type, BigDecimal originalAmount, Instrument instrument, BigDecimal price, Date timestamp, String id, String orderId, BigDecimal feeAmount, Currency feeCurrency, String orderUserReference, Role role)
      type - The trade type (BID side or ASK side)
      originalAmount - The depth of this trade
      instrument - The exchange identifier (e.g. "BTC/USD")
      price - The price (either the bid or the ask)
      timestamp - The timestamp of the trade
      id - The id of the trade
      orderId - The id of the order responsible for execution of this trade
      feeAmount - The fee that was charged by the exchange for this trade
      feeCurrency - The symbol of the currency in which the fee was charged
      orderUserReference - The id that the user has insert to the trade
      role - Trade role