Interface OrderQueryParams

All Known Subinterfaces:
OkCoinFuturesTradeService.OrderQueryParamFuturesContract, OrderQueryParamCurrencyPair
All Known Implementing Classes:
BinanceQueryOrderParams, Bl3pTradeService.Bl3pOrderQueryParams, DefaultQueryOrderParam, DefaultQueryOrderParamCurrencyPair, LatokenQueryOrderParams, OkCoinFuturesTradeService.OkCoinFuturesOrderQueryParams

public interface OrderQueryParams
Root interface for all interfaces used as a parameter type for TradeService.getOrder( Exchanges should have their own implementation of this interface if querying an order requires information additional to orderId
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    String getOrderId()  
    void setOrderId​(String orderId)
    Sets the orderId
  • Method Details

    • getOrderId

      String getOrderId()
    • setOrderId

      void setOrderId​(String orderId)
      Sets the orderId