Class GateioHmacPostBodyDigest

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public class GateioHmacPostBodyDigest extends BaseParamsDigest
This may be used as the value of a @HeaderParam, @QueryParam or @PathParam to create a digest of the post body (composed of @FormParam's). Don't use as the value of a @FormParam, it will probably cause an infinite loop.

This may be used for REST APIs where some parameters' values must be digests of other parameters. An example is the MtGox API v1, where the Rest-Sign header parameter must be a digest of the request body (which is composed of @FormParams).

  • Method Details

    • createInstance

      public static GateioHmacPostBodyDigest createInstance(String secretKeyBase64)
    • digestParams

      public String digestParams(si.mazi.rescu.RestInvocation restInvocation)