Class FloatingRateLoanOrder

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<FloatingRateLoanOrder>

public final class FloatingRateLoanOrder
extends LoanOrder
implements Comparable<FloatingRateLoanOrder>
DTO representing a floating rate loan order A floating rate loan order is a loan order whose rate is determined by the market. This type of loan order can be preferable for creditors when loans have a callable provision (i.e. the debtor can choose to pay off the loan early and acquire another loan at a more favorable rate).
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  • Constructor Details

    • FloatingRateLoanOrder

      public FloatingRateLoanOrder​(Order.OrderType type, String currency, BigDecimal originalAmount, int dayPeriod, String id, Date timestamp, BigDecimal rate)
      type - Either BID (debtor) or ASK (creditor)
      currency - The loan currency code
      originalAmount - Units of currency
      dayPeriod - Loan duration in days
      id - An id (usually provided by the exchange)
      timestamp - The absolute time for this order
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