Class FixedRateLoanOrder

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<FixedRateLoanOrder>

public final class FixedRateLoanOrder extends LoanOrder implements Comparable<FixedRateLoanOrder>
DTO representing a fixed rate loan order A fixed rate loan order lets you specify a fixed rate for your loan order. When offering loan orders, you should be aware as to whether or not loans have callable or putable provisions. These provisions can serve to be advantageous to either the debtor or the creditor.
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    • FixedRateLoanOrder

      public FixedRateLoanOrder(Order.OrderType type, String currency, BigDecimal originalAmount, int dayPeriod, String id, Date timestamp, BigDecimal rate)
      type - Either BID (debtor) or ASK (creditor)
      currency - The loan currency code
      originalAmount - Units of currency
      dayPeriod - Loan duration in days
      id - An id (usually provided by the exchange)
      timestamp - The absolute time for this order
      rate - The fixed rate of return for a day
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