Enum CoinbaseProOrderFlags

    • Enum Constant Detail

      • FILL_OR_KILL

        public static final CoinbaseProOrderFlags FILL_OR_KILL
        A fill-or-kill order will either fill in its entirety or be completely aborted.

        public static final CoinbaseProOrderFlags IMMEDIATE_OR_CANCEL
        An immediate-or-cancel order can be partially or completely filled, but any portion of the order that cannot be filled immediately will be cancelled rather than left on the order book.
      • POST_ONLY

        public static final CoinbaseProOrderFlags POST_ONLY
        A post-only order will only be placed if no portion of it fills immediately; this guarantees you will never pay the taker fee on any part of the order that fills.
    • Method Detail

      • values

        public static CoinbaseProOrderFlags[] values()
        Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared. This method may be used to iterate over the constants as follows:
        for (CoinbaseProOrderFlags c : CoinbaseProOrderFlags.values())
        an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared
      • valueOf

        public static CoinbaseProOrderFlags valueOf​(String name)
        Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this type. (Extraneous whitespace characters are not permitted.)
        name - the name of the enum constant to be returned.
        the enum constant with the specified name
        IllegalArgumentException - if this enum type has no constant with the specified name
        NullPointerException - if the argument is null