• 2-1 X 8 AHaH Node Adapter Board
  • 2-1 Differential Pair Memristor Synapse Incrementation via Memristor Discovery Synapse App
  • Memristor Discovery AHaH Classifier Experiment
  • 2-1 X 8 AHaH Node Adapter Board on Memristor Discovery

2-1 X 8 Synapse Discrete Adapter Board (MD V1.x)

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This board is used to evaluate 2-1 memristor pair synapses composed with discrete memristor chips. Option of multiple discrete chip pairs allows for evaluation of 2x and 3x synaptic redundancy. Board plugs into headers on Memristor Discovery V1.X boards and can be run with open-source Memristor Discovery software. Limited production. Be one of the first practitioners of AHaH Computing and execute kT-RAM instructions with real memristor synapses.

This board is currently required to run the Memristor Discovery “Logic” and “Classifier” experiments.

Memristor Discovery V1.X not included.


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