Class Retries

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      • Retries

        public Retries()
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      • callWithRetries

        public static <V> V callWithRetries​(int nAttempts,
                                            int initialRetrySec,
                                            Callable<V> action,
                                            IPredicate<Exception> retryableException)
                                     throws Exception
        Allows a client to attempt a call and retry a finite amount of times if the exception thrown is the right kind. The retries back off exponentially.
        nAttempts - Number of attempts before giving up
        initialRetrySec - Number of seconds to wait before trying again on the first retry.
        action - A callable or lambda expression that contains the code that will be tried and retried, if necessary.
        retryableException - An instance of IPredicate that will be used to check if the exception caught is retryable, which can be any complex criteria that the user defines.
        Exception - If the exception isn't retryable, it's immediately thrown again. If it is retryable, then a RunTimeException is thrown after the allowed number of retries is exhausted.
      • pause

        public static void pause​(int sec)