Interface RippleTradeHistoryCount

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    public interface RippleTradeHistoryCount
    extends TradeHistoryParams
    Keeps track of and restrict the number of notification and order detail queries that are made for a trade history. Due to there not being a single simple API call to return an account's trade history the number of API queries can spiral out of control. This interface helps prevent that.
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      • resetApiCallCount

        void resetApiCallCount()
      • incrementApiCallCount

        void incrementApiCallCount()
      • getApiCallCount

        int getApiCallCount()
      • getApiCallCountLimit

        int getApiCallCountLimit()
      • resetTradeCount

        void resetTradeCount()
      • incrementTradeCount

        void incrementTradeCount()
      • getTradeCount

        int getTradeCount()
      • getTradeCountLimit

        int getTradeCountLimit()