Class RippleMarketDataParams

  • public class RippleMarketDataParams
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • RippleMarketDataParams

        public RippleMarketDataParams()
    • Method Detail

      • getAddress

        public String getAddress()
      • setAddress

        public void setAddress​(String value)
      • getBaseCounterparty

        public String getBaseCounterparty()
      • setBaseCounterparty

        public void setBaseCounterparty​(String value)
      • getCounterCounterparty

        public String getCounterCounterparty()
      • setCounterCounterparty

        public void setCounterCounterparty​(String value)
      • getLimit

        public String getLimit()
      • setLimit

        public void setLimit​(int value)
        value - Max results per response. Cannot be less than 10, cannot be greater than 400, defaults to 200 at the exchange if not set.