Class RippleMarketDataService

All Implemented Interfaces:
BaseService, MarketDataService

public class RippleMarketDataService
extends RippleMarketDataServiceRaw
implements MarketDataService
  • Constructor Details

    • RippleMarketDataService

      public RippleMarketDataService​(Exchange exchange)
  • Method Details

    • getOrderBook

      public OrderBook getOrderBook​(CurrencyPair currencyPair, Object... args) throws IOException
      If the base currency is not XRP then the returned orders' additional data map contains a value for RippleExchange.DATA_BASE_COUNTERPARTY, similarly if the counter currency is not XRP then RippleExchange.DATA_COUNTER_COUNTERPARTY is populated.
      Specified by:
      getOrderBook in interface MarketDataService
      currencyPair - the base/counter currency pair
      args - a RippleMarketDataParams object needs to be supplied
      The OrderBook, null if some sort of error occurred. Implementers should log the error.
      IOException - - Indication that a networking error occurred while fetching JSON data