Class RippleSettings


public class RippleSettings
extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • RippleSettings

      public RippleSettings()
  • Method Details

    • getAccount

      public String getAccount()
    • setAccount

      public void setAccount​(String account)
    • getTransferFeeRate

      public BigDecimal getTransferFeeRate()
      The raw transfer rate is represented as an integer, the amount that must be sent in order for 1 billion units to arrive. For example, a 20% transfer fee is represented as the value 120000000. The value cannot be less than 1000000000. Less than that would indicate giving away money for sending transactions, which is exploitable. You can specify 0 as a shortcut for 1000000000, meaning no fee.
      percentage transfer rate charge
    • getTransferRate

      public int getTransferRate()
    • setTransferRate

      public void setTransferRate​(int transferRate)
    • isPasswordSpent

      public boolean isPasswordSpent()
    • setPasswordSpent

      public void setPasswordSpent​(boolean passwordSpent)
    • isRequireDestinationTag

      public boolean isRequireDestinationTag()
    • setRequireDestinationTag

      public void setRequireDestinationTag​(boolean requireDestinationTag)
    • isRequireAuthorization

      public boolean isRequireAuthorization()
    • setRequireAuthorization

      public void setRequireAuthorization​(boolean requireAuthorization)
    • isDisallowXRP

      public boolean isDisallowXRP()
    • setDisallowXRP

      public void setDisallowXRP​(boolean disallowXRP)
    • isDisableMaster

      public boolean isDisableMaster()
    • setDisableMaster

      public void setDisableMaster​(boolean disallowMaster)
    • isNoFreeze

      public boolean isNoFreeze()
    • setNoFreeze

      public void setNoFreeze​(boolean noFreeze)
    • isGlobalFreeze

      public boolean isGlobalFreeze()
    • setGlobalFreeze

      public void setGlobalFreeze​(boolean globalFreeze)
    • isDefaultRipple

      public boolean isDefaultRipple()
    • setDefaultRipple

      public void setDefaultRipple​(boolean defaultRipple)
    • getTransactionSequence

      public String getTransactionSequence()
    • setTransactionSequence

      public void setTransactionSequence​(String transactionSequence)
    • getEmailHash

      public String getEmailHash()
    • setEmailHash

      public void setEmailHash​(String emailHash)
    • getWalletLocator

      public String getWalletLocator()
    • setWalletLocator

      public void setWalletLocator​(String walletLocator)
    • getWalletSize

      public String getWalletSize()
    • setWalletSize

      public void setWalletSize​(String walletSize)
    • getMessageKey

      public String getMessageKey()
    • setMessageKey

      public void setMessageKey​(String messageKey)
    • getDomain

      public String getDomain()
    • setDomain

      public void setDomain​(String domain)
    • getSigners

      public String getSigners()
    • setSigners

      public void setSigners​(String signers)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object