Class FCoinTradeService

All Implemented Interfaces:
BaseService, TradeService

public class FCoinTradeService
extends FCoinTradeServiceRaw
implements TradeService
  • Constructor Details

    • FCoinTradeService

      public FCoinTradeService​(Exchange exchange)
  • Method Details

    • placeLimitOrder

      public String placeLimitOrder​(LimitOrder limitOrder) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: TradeService
      Place a limit order

      If your orders amount or limit price does to meet the restrictions dictated by CurrencyPairMetaData then the exchange will reject your order. Use OrderValuesHelper to validate and / or adjust those values while you'r building an order.

      Specified by:
      placeLimitOrder in interface TradeService
      the order ID
      IOException - - Indication that a networking error occurred while fetching JSON data
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