Class OrderPlacement

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public class OrderPlacement
extends Object
implements OrderCommand
  • Field Details

    • order

      public final String order
      Always send
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      Constant Field Values
    • orderTag

      public final String orderTag
      An arbitrary string provided client-side to tag the order for the purpose of mapping order sending instructions to the API’s response
    • orderType

      public final OrderType orderType
      either lmt for a limit order, post for a post-only limit order or stp for a stop order
    • symbol

      public final String symbol
      The symbol of the Futures
    • side

      public final OrderSide side
      The direction of the order, either buy for a buy order or sell for a sell order
    • size

      public final BigDecimal size
      The size associated with the order
    • limitPrice

      public final BigDecimal limitPrice
      The limit price associated with the order. Must not have more than 2 decimal places
    • stopPrice

      public final BigDecimal stopPrice
      Optional. The stop price associated with a stop order. Required if orderType is stp. Must not have more than 2 decimal places. Note that for stp orders, limitPrice is also required and denotes the worst price at which the stp order can get filled
    • cliOrdId

      public final String cliOrdId
      Optional. The order identity that is specified from the user. It must be globally unique.
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