Class CexioClosePosition


public class CexioClosePosition
extends Object
Author: brox Since: 2/5/14
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    • CexioClosePosition

      public CexioClosePosition​(String id, Long ctime, CexioPositionType ptype, String msymbol, BigDecimal price, CexioPositionPair pair, BigDecimal profit)
      id - the position id
      ctime - timestamp the position was closed at
      ptype - position type. long - buying product, profitable if product price grows; short - selling product, profitable if product price falls;
      msymbol - currency, in which user gained or lost
      price - price the position was closed at, calculated as average of underlying executed orders
      pair - trading pair as a list of two symbols, presents the pair according to requested URL
      profit - positive if user gained, negative - if lost, presented in currency msymbol
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