Class BitfinexUtils

  • public final class BitfinexUtils
    extends Object
    A central place for shared Bitfinex properties
    • Method Detail

      • adaptXchangeCurrency

        public static String adaptXchangeCurrency​(Currency xchangeSymbol)
      • convertToBitfinexWithdrawalType

        public static String convertToBitfinexWithdrawalType​(String currency)
        From the reference documentation for field withdraw_type (2018-02-14); can be one of the following ['bitcoin', 'litecoin', 'ethereum', 'ethereumc', 'mastercoin', 'zcash', 'monero', 'wire', 'dash', 'ripple', 'eos', 'neo', 'aventus', 'qtum', 'eidoo'] From customer support via email on 2018-02-27; "... After discussing with our developers, you can use API to withdraw BCH and withdraw_type is bcash. ..."
        currency -