Class BitbayTradeService

All Implemented Interfaces:
BaseService, TradeService

public class BitbayTradeService extends BitbayTradeServiceRaw implements TradeService
  • Constructor Details

    • BitbayTradeService

      public BitbayTradeService(Exchange exchange)
  • Method Details

    • getTradeHistory

      public UserTrades getTradeHistory(TradeHistoryParams params) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: TradeService
      Fetch the history of user trades.

      If you are calling this method for single exchange, known at the development time, you may pass an object of specific *TradeHistoryParam class that is nested it that exchange's trade service.

      If, however, you are fetching user trade history from many exchanges using the same code, you will find useful to create the parameter object with TradeService.createTradeHistoryParams() and check which parameters are required or supported using instanceof operator. See subinterfaces of TradeHistoryParams. Note that whether an interface is required or supported will vary from exchange to exchange and it's described only through the javadoc.

      There is also implementation of all the common interfaces, TradeHistoryParamsAll , that, with all properties set non-null, should work with any exchange.

      Some exchanges allow extra parameters, not covered by any common interface. To access them, you will have to use the object returned by TradeService.createTradeHistoryParams() and cast it to the exchange-specific type.

      Specified by:
      getTradeHistory in interface TradeService
      params - The parameters describing the filter. Note that TradeHistoryParams is an empty interface. Exact set of interfaces that are required or supported by this method is described by the type of object returned from TradeService.createTradeHistoryParams() and the javadoc of the method.
      UserTrades as returned by the exchange API
      IOException - - Indication that a networking error occurred while fetching JSON data
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    • createTradeHistoryParams

      public TradeHistoryParams createTradeHistoryParams()
      Description copied from interface: TradeService
      Create TradeHistoryParams object specific to this exchange. Object created by this method may be used to discover supported and required TradeService.getTradeHistory(TradeHistoryParams) parameters and should be passed only to the method in the same class as the createTradeHistoryParams that created the object.
      Specified by:
      createTradeHistoryParams in interface TradeService