Class BitbayExchange

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    public class BitbayExchange
    extends BaseExchange
    implements Exchange
    Initial support for the new BitBay API. Official documentation isn't even out yet so use this at your own risk. Currently however this is the only API that allowes you to download a users full trade history.
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      • BitbayExchange

        public BitbayExchange()
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      • getNonceFactory

        public si.mazi.rescu.SynchronizedValueFactory<Long> getNonceFactory()
        Description copied from interface: Exchange
        The nonce factory used to create a nonce value. Allows services to accept a placeholder that is replaced with generated value just before message is serialized and sent. If a method of a rest accepts ValueFactory as a parameter, it's evaluated, the message is serialized and sent in a single synchronized block.
        Specified by:
        getNonceFactory in interface Exchange
        Synchronized value factory