Class BinanceExchange

    • Constructor Detail

      • BinanceExchange

        public BinanceExchange()
    • Method Detail

      • getTimestampFactory

        public si.mazi.rescu.SynchronizedValueFactory<Long> getTimestampFactory()
      • getNonceFactory

        public si.mazi.rescu.SynchronizedValueFactory<Long> getNonceFactory()
        Description copied from interface: Exchange
        The nonce factory used to create a nonce value. Allows services to accept a placeholder that is replaced with generated value just before message is serialized and sent. If a method of a rest accepts ValueFactory as a parameter, it's evaluated, the message is serialized and sent in a single synchronized block.
        Synchronized value factory
      • resetResilienceRegistries

        public static void resetResilienceRegistries()
      • getResilienceRegistries

        public ResilienceRegistries getResilienceRegistries()
        Description copied from interface: Exchange
        resilience4j registries with retry strategies, rate limiters, etc. used for this exchange.
        resilience4j registries
      • getDefaultExchangeSpecification

        public ExchangeSpecification getDefaultExchangeSpecification()
        A default ExchangeSpecification to use during the creation process if one is not supplied