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  • public class Events
    extends Object
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        public static final String BEFORE_API_CALL_HANDLER
        Exchange-specific parameter used for providing a Runnable action to be run prior to any API calls initiated during the course of maintaining a streamed connection.

        While some exchanges allow bidirectional streamed communication, such that a socket can be opened and then authenticated, others perform authentication by means of a separate API call which can count towards API rate limits. In addition, many exchanges require API calls to obtain initial snapshots for streamed data such as order books or account updates. XChange requires that the developer manage rate limits themselves, but this is not possible when xchange-stream has to initiate these API calls automatically. This parameter provides a means for the developer to get a callback prior to these API calls, principally to apply such rate limiting globally. However, in principle there are wider potential uses.

        See Also:
        which provides the same sort of hook for socket reconnections. This also includes example usage., Constant Field Values
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      • Events

        public Events()