Class KrakenOwnTrade

  • public class KrakenOwnTrade
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • ordertxid

        public String ordertxid
        order responsible for execution of trade
      • postxid

        public String postxid
        Position trade id
      • time

        public Double time
        unix timestamp of trade
      • type

        public String type
        type of order (buy/sell)
      • ordertype

        public String ordertype
      • price

        public BigDecimal price
        average price order was executed at (quote currency)
      • cost

        public BigDecimal cost
        total cost of order (quote currency)
      • fee

        public BigDecimal fee
        total fee (quote currency)
      • vol

        public BigDecimal vol
        volume (base currency)
      • margin

        public BigDecimal margin
        initial margin (quote currency)
    • Constructor Detail

      • KrakenOwnTrade

        public KrakenOwnTrade()