Class KrakenOpenOrder


public class KrakenOpenOrder
extends Object
  • Field Details

    • refid

      public String refid
      Referral order transaction id that created this order
    • userref

      public Integer userref
      user reference id
    • status

      public String status
      status of order:
    • opentm

      public Double opentm
      unix timestamp of when order was placed
    • starttm

      public Double starttm
      unix timestamp of order start time (if set)
    • expiretm

      public Double expiretm
      unix timestamp of order end time (if set)
    • descr

    • vol

      public BigDecimal vol
      volume of order (base currency unless viqc set in oflags)
    • vol_exec

      public BigDecimal vol_exec
      volume executed (base currency unless viqc set in oflags)
    • cost

      public BigDecimal cost
      total cost (quote currency unless unless viqc set in oflags)
    • fee

      public BigDecimal fee
      total fee (quote currency)
    • avg_price

      public BigDecimal avg_price
      average price (quote currency unless viqc set in oflags)
    • stopprice

      public BigDecimal stopprice
      stop price (quote currency, for trailing stops)
    • limitprice

      public BigDecimal limitprice
      triggered limit price (quote currency, when limit based order type triggered)
    • misc

      public String misc
      comma delimited list of miscellaneous info: stopped=triggered by stop price, touched=triggered by touch price, liquidation=liquidation, partial=partial fill
    • oflags

      public String oflags
      Comma delimited list of order flags (optional). viqc = volume in quote currency (not available for leveraged orders), fcib = prefer fee in base currency, fciq = prefer fee in quote currency, nompp = no market price protection, post = post only order (available when ordertype = limit)
  • Constructor Details

    • KrakenOpenOrder

      public KrakenOpenOrder()