Class BTCMarketsWebSocketTradeMessage


public class BTCMarketsWebSocketTradeMessage
extends Object
This Class represents the trade event generated by the websocket

tradeId tradeId The id of the trade

BTCMarketsWebSocketTradeMessage#type The trade type (BID side or ASK side)

price The price of the trade

timestamp The timestamp of the trade according to the exchange's server, null if not provided

volume The volume procured in the trade

messageType All messages published include a json attribute called messageType that represents type of event that is being received

Example Event

{ marketId: 'BTC-AUD',

timestamp: '2019-04-08T20:54:27.632Z',

tradeId: 3153171493,

price: '7370.11',

volume: '0.10901605',

side: 'Ask',

messageType: 'trade' }

  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getMarketId

      public String getMarketId()
    • getTimestamp

      public String getTimestamp()
    • getMessageType

      public String getMessageType()
    • getTradeId

      public String getTradeId()
    • getSide

      public String getSide()
    • getPrice

      public BigDecimal getPrice()
    • getVolume

      public BigDecimal getVolume()